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difference in selling price by a small shop


A dealer from a small shop claims that the samsung smart phones (e.g. galaxy A20s or A10 or...) have different sets of chip or mainboard and etc based on the country which is manufacturing the phone. so he has 2 prices for any model of samsung phones in his shop; for example:


1- samsung galaxy A20s, he claims that it is manufactured in South Korea, labled as Original & guaranteed by the seller.


2- samsung galaxy A20s, manufactured in Other countries such as India, it is not the original product by smasung and is not guaranteed by the seller; its mainboard and chips are not original and haven't the premium quality as the original SK version have; he claims that he is not responsible for any problem in the product; about 15-20$ cheaper than 1.


so i have a question; does he tell the truth? does smasung phone quality varies based on the manufcturer? what should I do?


note: i checked cheaper model and it is just like the more expensive model, the same specification, same appearance, They are 100% similar to each other and i don't have access to check their chips/mainboards.


(I am from Iran)