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less is more

Dear samsung I work in a Verizon store and I need to tell you why you don't sell to many devices as you can. The reason is that you release to many different devices every year. You only need 6 phones bro that's the three galaxy s series phones and the two note phones and one cheap consumer phone that can get peoples feet wet. For the cheap consumer phone it needs to be like 350 to 500 usd bucks nothing more. The reason is because say that I'm a apple or other smart phone user. I wouldn't want to waste 1000 usd on a phone. Especially if I'm trying it out. What I would need is a phone with the best camera on the market this is the main selling point with an good processor and battery life. You can not hold back on this camera it needs to be better than iphone but under 500 bucks. It will also be great if it was apart of the samsung eco system so I can quick share, link to windows, use the samsung wearables and have Expandable memory. Video recording is key also. You get us a phone at 500 USB or less with all that yo help convert consumers over and we will sell that until kingdom come. You are loosing out on big money by targeting all theys other folks with so many devices you got to keep it simple. Plus think about it if we can have a nice cheap phone that can out do the moto z4, Google pixel 4a and iPhone se at a low price you got a market. Especially if its sold at all usd carriers and available for prepaid. Thats a monster deal.