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phone digits not working

I purchased an A20 Samsung phone, about a year ago and there is not one scratch on my phone. I talke to my daughter for and 1/2 hour and when I hung up the phone, and tried to make another call the digits 7,8 and 9 are not working at all. I NEVER DROPPED MY PHONE AND IT DOES NOT HAVE A SCRATCH ON THE FRONT OR BACK OF THE PHONE. BEING THAT I WAS SWEATING LETS ME KNOW THAT THE PHONE WAS NOT WATERPROOF, OR RESISTANT! I FEEL THAT YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS ISSUE AND DID NOTHING,  I WOULD LIKE A REPLACEMENT FOR THIS DEFECTIVE PHONE

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: phone digits not working

Do other apps respond to clicks in the same area of the screen? If so, the phone is broken there is just something going on with the dialer.