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samsung m31 wifi issue


I want your team to take strict note on the quality of your mid range smart phones. I have two phones Samsung m31 (bought a day before) and Samsung a30s (bought a year ago). First my A30s started showing problem after the update of August regarding WiFi connectivity. And now this new M31 is also showing problem.


Please do not advise me to reset network settings, reset settings and at last reset phone. Because I have already done this on Both phones. Just please improve the quality of software which is being provided with these phones. On the other hand I am also using Galaxy S9+, but no such problems are faced in that phone.


Please update the software to resolve this blunder problem. I tried to contact my local region support and they said, its a phone problem rather than accepting the mistake. If old phone has a problem, then why new phone is equipped with same problem.