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Other Mobile Devices
I have samsung galaxy a11 I really love it. 
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Other Mobile Devices

I also have a Samsung Galaxy A11 and I have a love :two_hearts: but also have some issues with the phone. I won't spoil your fun but if you run into problems with it make sure you search here and on youtube for some good advice on quick fixes! If I hadn't known that before I got the phone I would be very upset with it.

Don't try to take it apart you can not remove the battery at all! I'm lucky I have TMobile 360 protection plan I learned that the hard way! :face_with_tears_of_joy:

It has a fast charge option and it's really fast!<3

The camera will give you problems but don't worry.

It can be slow at times but eventually it will catch up with itself! 

Back up your phone with either Samsung cloud or on google! It's important! 

Don't download stuff from other places that are not secure :locked_with_key: EVER!!!

Do Not Give Your Password to Anyone who calls you and says that they are from Facebook or Samsung or other social media sites it's a scam don't do it!:locked_with_key: