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Samsung is not good. They try to take from you more money if they can. I sent my old Samsung phone, in very good condition
(like new) in the original box, the person who I originally talked to said they would give me $75.00 toward a new phone., They did not accept the phone for the rebate offer so we asked for the phone back. They sent it back to me without the box. They said they would give $10 for the box, however, I only got a coupon for $10 off. My advice to anyone is don't trust them.

Cosmic Ray

Re: unsatisfied

Buy a Pixel.
No more waiting months on end for Samsung to skin the latest Android version. Plus the pixel phone app is amazing with the ability to have Google assistant screen calls and hold for you.
The ONLY app by Samsung that is worth using is their internet app. Oh and last but not least...NO BLOATWARE!!!