[Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems *UPDATED 03/21*


Re: [Announcement] Nougat + Security Updates for Unlocked S7/Edge Devices *UPDATED 04/13*

I can't believe you rolled out this update and basically eliminated the whole purpose of having bought an Edge +.


Put back the People Edge colors and the signal color flashing! That is the reason why I bought this phone.

I feel cheated now having spent so much money on this phone, and then have this *essential* feature eliminated. Really a Bait & Switch operation.


What is the point of offering new features when you eliminate critical ones? 


And I checked out the interim 3rd party apps you mentioned... the reviews are overall terrible. The only one that is close to the original functionality is now constantly malfunctioning according to the most recent reviews, and severely drains the battery. The rest all have annoying ads that cannot be eliminated.


This issue needs to be addressed by Samsung quickly, or you're going to lose customers because they can't trust your products. I have two Samsung phones, and they will be my last two unless this is resolved...

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Re: [Announcement] Nougat + Security Updates for Unlocked S7/Edge Devices *UPDATED 04/13*


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Re: [Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems

Sadly I believe this is due to the new Google / ANDROID Notification protocol that all manufacturers must comply with and not a Samsung issue at all.


Google put out a document a while ago stating that ALL manufacturers must comply with the way that Google has decided the notifications panel should work moving forward and starting with Nougat. I believe if you "Google it" (ironic I know lol) i think you will find info on this.


Sadly there is nothing Samsung can do on this because its hands are tied by Google themselves... 

Gitano wrote:

I would like to add that not only are the notifications unreadable from a font size and separation between each notification perspective, but the fact that the top most notification does not auto-expand, as they did in Marshmallow... is a big step back in unsability.  Every single Notification has to be manually expanded to get to the extended options like "reply" or "delete" or "mark as read" or whatever. 


Have to say that this Nougat update is by far the more perplexing in terms of user experience... seems many features have moved us backward instead of forward.  



Re: [Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems

If indeed that is the case, than let's remember that previously Samsung had no problem deviating from the stock Android UI.  But even if the guidelines were more strict per Google for this release, let's remember that according to AppBrain, Samsung has 50% marketshare of all Android phones and that is quite some leverage in dealing with Google's stupidity.

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Re: [Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems

Google is making things more strict lately, so what Samsung could get away with in earlier versions is tougher to diviate from now.


Maybe Google is becoming Apple? Let's hope not.


Re: [Announcement] Nougat + Security Updates for Unlocked S7/Edge Devices *UPDATED 04/13*

And also,  ever since the Nougat update my music can't go as loud. 


Kind of annoying. 


Re: [Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems *UPDATED 03/21*

Like other posters feel totally ripped off with the removal of the edge colour notifications for callers. This is my 5th Samsung phone and will be my last

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Re: [Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems *UPDATED 03/21*

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@SamsungMarcos It has been 1 month since the last announcement, is this a joke? Why no updates nor solutions? Don't you people care?




Re: [Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems *UPDATED 03/21*

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Verizon.


•Photo Gallery when editing / cropping photos, black bar appears after save, is now part of photo.

Gallery editing "decorations" are juvenile, and text is optional with a "label" only.

Which is fine, I use quality photo apps for that... but with such a demand for text on photos, I just hoped this would be a option.


•Keyboard Symbols (GBoard) used for stored contact names (Samsung Contacts) changed to emoji symbols.




Is now



Gallery folders no longer have thumbnails, when attaching files (like I'm trying to now, but gallery won't resize my image) -SUPER irritating.


Apologies if these issues have already been mentioned.


I'm also irritated by the drop down notifications style, like many others. Prior to upgrade, I was immediately drawn to my important notifications. They didn't all appear the same.


Re: [Announcement] Nougat 7.0 Update Problems

Same here. I love the people's edge feature! But after seeing the same feature being used by s8/s8 plus now feels really unfair!! It feels like our s7 edge has been downgraded. Is this how samsung updates?? Takes a feature of the recent flagship and then place it back in their latest flagship??!! C'mon?! Fix this samsung!