Galaxy S9/S9+ Recruitment for One UI Beta

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Galaxy S9/S9+ Recruitment for One UI Beta

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Note: Samsung+ version 11.2.1 is needed to sign up for the beta program on eligible devices. If you are unable to update to version, you may follow steps below.


1. If installed, Uninstall existing Samsung+ app from the device

2. Sign up as a beta tester at

3. Install the beta version of the app from play store.

4. On eligible devices, “One UI with Android 9.0 on Galaxy S9/S9+” banner will be shown

Note: [Sprint Users] We are unable to support software upgrade from build number BRK1 to Beta Software. Software Upgrade from BRK1 to beta software will be supported at a later time.

**Note 9 Unlocked  devices beta starting 12/4