Samsung Pay Enhancement Requests


Samsung Pay Enhancement Requests

User Story:

  • As a: frequent user of Samsung Pay who owns multiple cards from the same bank/vendor,
  • I want: the ability to add card aliases and/or "notes" (as suggested here)
  • So that: I can easily identify each card at a glance without having to memorize the card numbers.


With that said, I am not a n00b - I am aware there was a post requesting it and that it was "forwarded ... to the appropriate team" and that I even linked it above. I work in software development and understand the process.


My question is: Is there a community-visible backlog of any kind where things like 10-month-old enhancement requests can be viewed? If not, are there any plans of doing so?


I feel that the community seeing the backlog, its existing issues, their story points (or LoE), priorities, progress, etc., would enable us to have a better understanding of where our enhancement requests stand in the grand scheme of things. Better yet - activity in the community comments section of such a page would make Product Management's job incredibly easy in terms of prioritization. The community would essentially voluntarily become your BA, creating meaningful discussions around acceptance criteria. As an added bonus, the community feeling they have a direct (however indirect it may truly be) impact on the development of their everyday product directly increases brand loyalty by default, as members begin to feel like they're "part of the family".


The thoughts and suggestions of a fellow developer Smiley Happy