Samsung S9 Pie Beta


Samsung S9 Pie Beta

Would love to hear about any suggestions, problems, or cool things you've find in the one UI beta  for s9+. 


One suggestion that I'd love to see the dev team implement is to change the way folders display on the home screen. Normally when you click on a folder is expands to fill nearly the entire screen. Unfortunately even if the folder icon is at the bottom of the screen, near my thumb, once the folder opens the app icons are located near the top of my screen . This means I have to shuffle my hand up the phone or user my other hand to open the desired app, education makes this whole process very inconvenient .


I'd love to see Samsung do something like Nova launcher, where the folder opens directly atop the folder icon and expands only as much as it needs to in order to display the apps .  This is a very basic quality of life improvement that I just can't live without .


Aside from this persistent issue in living the overall simplicity and smoothness of the one UI beta .