Trade In is a SCAM w/ words of Caution.


Trade In is a SCAM w/ words of Caution.

I hate click bate titles. But this is just to echo caution to anyone debating trading in a phone through this site. 


Two months ago I received a letter stating that the BRAND NEW LG G6 I traded in, did not power on and it did not meet the condition requirements so instead of the $300 trade in credit, Samsung will now give you $25 and you can forget about us mailing the phone back to you because policy. 


There were no pictures from the warehouse showing me my phone and not even a personal response. Just an automatically generated email. 


Customer service has been about as helpful as talking to a wall. They will robotically quote policy, because I'm fully convinced that Samsung does not care enough to provide the reps with any tools to even investigate or offer any type of solution past "if you read the terms, you can't have your phone back because we gave you $25" But there is no one to talk to about this issue. 


I have been on team Samsung since the days of the EPIC and have owned the S3, S4, S5, Note 4, and S7. 


Learn from my $275 mistake. If you are feeling risky and want to trade in your device still.

Take pictures of the device, because the burden of proof is on you. 

Or better yet, buy my Note 8 from me. It is in perfect condition. 

Or buy a Pixel 


Yeah I'm mad and thank you for indulging me.


It has been a fun ride Samsung. You did me dirty and it is time for a breakup.  

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