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2021 Frame TV has been a nightmare/lemon

(Topic created: 05-19-2022 10:27 PM)
QLED and The Frame

Last year we purchased a 50-inch Frame TV from Amazon on Black Friday. The corners of the tv were always dark but we assumed this was because we first noticed it on the art modes mat. Eventually, we watched a movie with a white background and I pointed out that it was still dark. Samsung sent an independent contractor to look at this and a screen replacement was authorized. Other than the screen the TV functioned fine, our Apple tv and remote, and local cable box and remote all seemed to work well. 

Today the screen was replaced and although I thought the techs were being a bit rough taking our tv apart and removing the guts to place in the new screen, the problem with the corners was fixed. They assured me all of our settings should be saved and placed back on our wall. After they left we discovered that only the Samsung remote was able to control the volume now, our external remotes were no longer working on volume, only their other functions. 

I googled this issue and tried everything, I checked the remote settings in the apple tv menu, etc. I made sure the Anynet was on, everything was lining up. Finally, we decided to reset the tv and try to reinstall everything. Now that I have done that the Samsung remote has unpaired and despite being fully charged, it refuses to pair with the tv again and our tv is stuck in the setup screen with no way to move beyond it.

I have reset the remote, unplugged the tv countless times, and tried pairing the remote about 15 times, the IR light is present,  the remote is fully charged, and nothing is working. Live chat was no help and actually disconnected me when I mentioned the tv was possibly a lemon. 

Has anyone had this issue before? How was it resolved? Thanks! 



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