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2022 and 2021 65 inch Frame TV have the same mount hardware and dimensions?

(Topic created: 04-03-2022 08:38 AM)
QLED and The Frame

I'm purchasing a new 2022 65 inch Frame TV.  I'm planning on putting it where my current 2021 65 inch Frame TV is located.  I hope that the dimensions and hardware are the same or compatible.  Ideally for my purposes, I'd just lift the 2021 off the wall, and place the 2022 on the same wall mounts without needing to unscrew anything.


Then I'd use the wall mounts that came with the 2022 to mount the 2021 in the 2nd location.


Anyone know if the mounts are the same or compatible between these 2 model years?

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QLED and The Frame

The mounts for both are described the same i.e. "Slim Fit Wall Mount", and there appear no good reasons for re-tooling for a different mounting arrangement, both on the TV and with the mount itself. So I would say what you intend should easily work.