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4K Neo QLED screen problem

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QLED and The Frame
I have a 85”Samsung QN90A since Jan 2022 (bought during black Friday sale but arrived in Jan) . In early July I noticed a vertical red line across the left side of the screen. I called Samsung tech support and case was forwarded to Schneider TV repair in St. Louis.  When I called them and told him the problem over the phone he immediately said these are dead pixels on screen and we have to replace the entire screen. Nobody came to check the tv, and we scheduled a date for repair. I was also asked to unmount the tv because they will not do it. I had people come over to help me unmount the tv. We took utmost care in bringing tv down and made sure there was no damage caused to tv.  The next day tech comes from Schneider tv and says there is a crack on screen and hence warranty doesn’t apply. Cost to repair will be $2970 and I will have to pay that. Samsung will not cover this.
Over the next 2 days I talked to numerous people at Samsung over the phone including “supervisor” and “case management”. I basically got this answer that  Because technologist’s report says “customer caused damage” Samsung will not cover this repair.
This is a KNOWN problem with NEO QLEDs that they develop horizontal/vertical lines from dead pixels. There is no obvious crack on the tv.  If there is a miniscule one as the tech points out, what a coincidence it is at the same spot where the red line was.  This is so unfair.  3rd party contractor makes the diagnosis without looking at the tv and wants us to unmount tv and now tells me that I cracked the tv during unmounting and hence nothing is covered.  The tv  had a problem,  before we took it down. I did NOT crack the tv, if I did I would admit and not ask for compensation.   I wish I had not taken the tv down because it was at least usable. Now there is a 4” band where the thin red line was. And it is clearly not usable. And asking the customer to foot the bill because I damaged the tv while unmounting  is unfair.
I have been a loyal Samsung customer for many many years and all my TVs have been Samsung. But not anymore. Thankfully I can absorb this cost but it still hurts. I feel wronged because I did everything right and Samsung and Schneider tv found a loophole not to cover the cost of a legitimate repair.
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