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4k tv Samsung erased an important feature?

(Topic created: 01-08-2022 04:57 PM)
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In a time when everything is suppose to get better Samsung stop the consumer from displaying what resolution they are actually getting. 
Every TV I owned since 1997 have the ability because it’s an output device to display what kind of content I was receiving. 
Every remote I have ever owned had the information button on it when you press that or selected it it would tell you if you were receiving 720 P 1080i , 1080p , 4K etc.

i’ve been on Samsung support for 3 1/2 hours which was no help whatsoever

I just bought the Samsung QLED crystal 4K 2021 model all the bells all the whistles and I’m so disappointed no one knows how this television works

it is kind of funny though because it even has a microphone in the remote and you can ask it every question you can think of but don’t ask it what is the signal strength that you are receiving

my cable television service provider was exposed to only delivering in 10 ADI even after very significant increases in my bill!
I had this button on my last television and I found all they weren’t even giving me 1080 P so why the **bleep** are we buying 4K TVs which is probably the motivation for them taking this feature out

my only question to Samsung support wise where is the information feature that tells me what kind of content I am receiving

Qn60q6daafxza  model #


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QLED and The Frame

You get to signal info by pressing the '123' button, then the 'more' options on the qn90a remote. Mine is a white square with a blue 'i' in it.

Note: you need to disable (delete) the universal remote function for your input device for it to be active, otherwise it will not bring up the tv's input signal specs.

You can always setup the universal remote again after you verify your signal specs if you want to, I prefer not......