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Apple TV, Sonos, Soundbar, Atmos Failure

(Topic created: 08-09-2022 11:19 AM)
QLED and The Frame


Samsung subjected me to over 2 hours of troubleshooting over the phone for what I consider to be a KNOWN problem.  Both Sonos and Apple referred me back to Samsung.

Nutshell: After purchasing a 4K QLED television, audio loss became a common occurrence when streaming using Apple TV 4K.   

Problem: Samsung TV's are not supporting multichannel LPCM sound passthrough like SONY and LG televisions do without any issue at all.

Solution:  Either user the apps on the television or set Apple TV to Dolby 5.1.  Both have drawbacks and defeat the purpose of a unified user interface, and the best sound quality available.

YET, Samsung still led me through 2 hours of troubleshooting even though I told them all of this!!!  Absolutely ridiculous, and now I am seriously considering my brand loyalty now that I find this issue has been ongoing, like their ice makers, for years now.



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QLED and The Frame

Does the audio loss happen frequently? Only on Dolby Atmos format?