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Art store promotion coupon Is not working

(Topic created: 07-22-2022 02:38 AM)
QLED and The Frame

I bought a new Samsung frame 2022 65 inch. There was a promotion that if you register the TV Samsung will send you one year free membership for the art store. I obtained the code from Samsung, used it in the TV. However the coupon is shown in the payment info, but still the art store items are not unlocked and it still wants me to pay membership, when I tap on the special event it shows me no coupon.

I spend 3 weeks trying to find a solution with Samsung support, but I am still not able to use the Art store functionality fully.

The support even gave me a new coupon, but it still did not changed the status of art store after it was applied. When I tried the code from support it showed me error 410412.

I am really disappointed from the Samsung frame due to it.

I guess I will never buy another Samsung product due to it.

I am situated in Czech republic, if anyone from Samsung could help to solve the situation I would appreciate it.







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