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Can´t use developer mode

(Topic created: 05-15-2023 01:31 AM)
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I bought a new TV recently, model QE55Q70AATXXC. I would like to use developer mode, and selected  apps, and entered 12345, but nothing happened. The problem is, that all the preinstalled apps take up most of the little amount of memory available for apps on my TV, and then i read that i could delete some of them by going into developer mode. So, how do I turn on developer mode on my TV?. 

And is it possible to use developer mode to delete all preinstalled apps on my TV?

I find it very annoying that there is a very limited amount of memory left for installing new apps.

Actually I am able to press DELETE on Spotify and Xbox, as the only ones of all the preinstalled apps. The problem is that, they are not deleted at all, and turns up again next time, I turn my TV on.  So why is that?.

Any suggestions and tips and tricks are most welcome. 

I have thought that maybe I can buy a USB key to use for installing apps on, so that memory is not a problem anymore. 

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QLED and The Frame
I believe the USB is the key, you go on YouTube and search fix USB connector and it should show you to a guy named Victor he'll explain how to enter your settings and turn on the developer settings. By chance this clears your problem up mark this reply as the solution thanks
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Hi Hundejensen and welcome to the Community! We advise against playing around in developer mode because if something were to be changed in these settings and the television becomes inoperable, that will void the warranty on the television.