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Cannot View Images on External Drives on Frame TV

(Topic created: 06-23-2020 09:21 AM)
QLED and The Frame

Looking to see why images on external drive cannot be viewed on the frame TV I just purchased.   The manual does not help much, will try the eManual on the TV next, just was wondering if there were any tips to simply view photos on the hard drive instead of rotating through images 500mb at a time.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
QLED and The Frame

No there will not be, you can save each photo that you want on rotation but you would be unable to rotate them while they are still on the USB. 

1. To turn on The Frame, press POWER on the One Remote.
2. By default, The Frame will turn on in TV mode.
3. To switch to Art mode, press POWER on the One Remote.
4. Press Down on the directional pad until you see Samsung Collection.
5. Press Right on the directional pad to access My Collection.
6. Select My Collection.
7. Navigate to and select the desired USB device.
8. All of the images on the USB drive are displayed. To view an image, highlight it and press Select.
9. To save images from your USB drive to your Frame, press Up and then select Save.
10. Highlight and select the images you want to save to your Frame.
11. Press Up and select Save Selected.
12. Please wait while the image is being saved

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