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Found solution for freeze during setup for TV Samsung QLED QE 55Q80B

(Topic created: 10-01-2023 09:19 PM)
QLED and The Frame

Hi, I just bought the QLED TV 55Q80B and tried to to the setup. The setup froze each time at step 3 (Samsung account). Tried to unplug the TV for more than 5 minutes, plugged it in directly in the socket, used ethernet calble instead of WiFi. The freeze remained exactly at step 3.

Solution: I pushed the return button and the pause/play button (left and right below the round enter button) at the same time for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then a window opened at the top of the screen trying to explain the functions of these two buttons. Confirmed each time with the enter button and then, tadaa, the setup unfroze and I could continue with setting up a Samsung account and successfully finish the set up. You're welcome.

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