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Frame TV Top Issues - Unable to Remove Ads, Samsung Plus, Sponsored Content, Recommended Content

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QLED and The Frame

Samsung has taken what could be a great product with the Frame TV and ruined it with forced display of advertising and terrible software. Adding these  issues in the hope that someone has chased one or more of these down to a resolution.  I’ve invested many hours combing through discussion threads and trying to use Samsung support which is as useless as so many other posters have posted about.

50" Class The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV (2022), QN50LS03BAFXZA
65" Class The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV (2022), QN65LS03BAFXZA
Software Version: 1602

Unable to remove ads and sponsored content

I have tried every suggestion multiple times with no luck.  I have also contacted Samsung technical support which has been a complete waste of time being asked to do all sorts of unrelated “troubleshooting” tasks with no success or even understanding of the issue.

The home screen continues to push ads, sponsored content, display Samsung TV Plus on the top 50% of the home screen and show a long list of “recommended content” which is just more advertising.

Current settings:

Settings- Terms and Privacy - Disabled personalized Adverts and all other options

Samsung Plus App - Disabled this with no success

Menu-General-Smart features- Disable Auto Run Smart Hub and Auto Run last app.

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No Way to Remove Recommended Content (More Advertising)

From the home screen Samsung promotes recommended content which is just more advertising.  I haven’t seen any method to stop this advertising.

2022 Frame TV switching automatically from art to Samsung TV Plus  (More forced advertising)

I have the same issue here with my three 2022 FrameTVs.  When art mode is on for some time, they will switch to show Samsung TV Plus content without any user input.


I have disabled Samsung Plus but this is ignored by Samsung and the Frame continues to show an option for "Live TV" in the menu and continues to be shown in ads in various locations.  I have also unchecked all options under settings that are supposed to disable ads.  Samsung ignores these settings too.

Frame TVs show “offline” in SmartThings app

The only solution I’ve found is to remove and re-add all TVs when I need to use the SmartThings app.  Obviously this is an incredibly frustrating and time consuming workaround to a Samsung bug but I only use the app when uploading new photos to the frame.  When the Frame is deleted and re-added the app thinks it’s already registered to a different account even though it’s the same account.  Required to repeat all the steps to add, register, verify etc.

Unhelpful Samsung article that basically says re-add devices.


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QLED and The Frame

Replying to my own post as I found this article which says that there is no option to stop Samsung from forcing display of ads on their TVs including the Frame.  Samsung words their "opt out" to be confusing as it looks like you are opting out of ads but in reality you are only opting out of "personalized" ads.  You can not turn off ads.  This is directly from Samsung.  I have no problem with ads for free services but for someone who is purchasing a product we need a way to turn off advertising.

This seems like a perfect scenario for a class action law suit.

See this article:



"We are always looking for ways to enhance the TV watching experience," a Samsung spokeswoman told Ad Age in an emailed statement. "Users can opt-out of these interest based ads at any time in the settings menu of their televisions and still get all of the smart features of their TVs."

But note the phrasing. Users can't opt-out of ads, no, they can simply opt out of interest-based ads, which means Samsung doesn't stop showing you advertising -- it just stops showing you ads it attempts to categorize into areas you're more likely to like.

QLED and The Frame

Exactly! When I pay that much for something I should be able to turn off ads. Especially the inappropriate ones I don't want shown in my home. 

QLED and The Frame

Hey Samsung - the best way to alienate your customers is to provide a customer forum and ignore your customers!  You've perfected this.