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It's come get your broke TV out of my house, not "a request for return"

(Topic created: 03-10-2023 05:21 PM)
QLED and The Frame
You can't call it a "REQUEST FOR RETURN" when you drop off a TV at my home with a busted screen. Simply come get your broke TV & HUGE box it came in, off my living room floor!!! I can't fit it in my vehicle, that's why they are DELIVERED BY LARGE VAN'S!!! It's bad enough I paid for the Samsung QLED 4K TV and made time to be at home for you to drop it off. Now you want ME to run around on my time, gas money to get labels and carry it to drop it off somewhere so YOU don't have to. Simply get in a...heck..."Samsung" van. Grab one that's NOT broke. Drive out here, pick it up. Leave same model that ISN'T BUSTED & done, period. When the customer LITERALLY had nothing to do with your busted TV, that is now in his house on the floor with the box, taking up space that ppl. have to walk around...COME GET IT. THAT HUGE BOX WILL NOT FIT IN MY VEHICLE AND ALL I DID, WAS OPEN THE DOOR TO EXCEPT A SAMSUNG DELIVERY, THIS ISNT ROCKET SCIENCE. COME PICK IT UP AND BRING A NON BUSTED TV!. What kind of business are yall running, first taking up someone's time to be here, then telling them to do all the leg work to get your busted TV back?! C'mon man! What's Samsungs mato, "Order from us...eh...50/50 you get a functional product, but we're gonna make it your problem". In practical terms Samsung, YOUR LITTERING leaving junk on someone's property on purpose and I'm going to assume knowingly,lol. Now come get it off my property or I'm going to drop off my old busted TV at your facility and leave it, then ask you to fill out a form n paperwork and mail it to me.
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