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New QN75Q60BAFXZA, when powering on, it doesn't connect to Wifi?

(Topic created: 03-17-2023 05:00 PM)
QLED and The Frame

I'm trying to set it up and seem to have a few hiccups.

One, the iPhone app when I select my ISP and its Cable Box the app doesn't do anything? Select the model and both the ISP, the maker of the box, and the model is checked but I can't do anything, no Next or Done? So I turn on the TV and it offers me to continue setup on the controller.

OK, got most of it going. Even connected to WiFi. However, I have to MANUALLY connect to it every time I turn on the TV? It does hold the P/W though?

Is this normal? Am I missing some setting?

The other part about the App not working is I suspect my box is not on the list?

It is a Technicolor 4742HDC2, and when I enter that for a search, only 4742HDC appears. Selecting that probably causes the problem with the app... and I assume why the Smart Remote can not change the TV Channel.

I've had this box for a few years, and with my Harmony 650 it controls the channel up/down just fine?

I called in and I was told it was not on the list???

Anything I can do about that?

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