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Q80T keeps losing eARC connection to my Q800T soundbar

(Topic created: 08-04-2022 02:18 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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Anyone know why my Q80T keeps losing eARC connection to my Q800T soundbar. The TV keeps switching back to TV as sound output.

I try to disable then enable AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC) and HDMI-eARC Mode...but most it'll do is make the sound come out the soundbar. But I cant control the volume on my Xfinity remote (since its set to the TV volume). TV soundout only shows the WiFi connection, not the HDMI connection)

Only fix is to unplug, wait 10mins, then replug. Upon start up, it'll say "Atmos enabled device found" or something.

This really annoying since it happens often and I cant find any help on it. I never had issues on my older TV or soundbars. I dont even know if its my TV or my soundbar thats the issue.

So hopefully someone here can help.
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QLED and The Frame

I wish that I had a solution for you but alas I only have an "me too". I have the same TV/Soundbar combo and this problem has plagued me since the beginning. I have sent the soundbar in twice for service per Samsungs recommendation and it has returned untouched both times. 

I think that the TV is at fault. The previous firmware (19**?) almost worked flawlessly. No audio drop outs and the connection between TV and soundbar only seemed to happen once a month. Since after 2303 it happens every other day. Forcing me to power cycle. 

Horrible experience so far.