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QLED Q80R TV + Q90R soundbar last firmwares broken atmos (faulty rear channels)

(Topic created: 08-10-2022 03:53 PM)
QLED and The Frame

I've bought this pair in 2020 and them played atmos EAC-3 movies with inner player (from USB stick) and plex app just fine (as well as netflix). Last few month I do not active use them, TV and soundbar got last firmwares. And I just find inner player and plex app play atmos in wrong way!

The problem is "dolby test tones 7.1.4" clip being played from USB or plex inner app now sends rear channels to fronts and vice versa. RL and RF sound from FL and FF as well, RLtop, RFtop sound from FRtop and FLtop. The same clip being played from windows PC with dolby access enabled (no matter connected to TV with e-arc or soundbar) is sound correctly. So other tv-apps I guess gives same "dirty atmos" sounds. TV settings are "Dolby Digital+" and "support atmos" (trying to disable, nothing change). And the soundbar always shows "dolby atmos" as expected.

This  is really frustrated, the problem has been spotted on firmware 1392. I can not say when exactly this happened thanks to automatic firmware updates (turned off now), I update it manually to 1399, got e-arc but tv atmos decoder still faulty. 

Any help/suggestions please?


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