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QN65LS03BAFXZA - Sound mode changes when switching between Cable and Netflix TV app

(Topic created: 11-13-2022 09:49 AM)
QLED and The Frame

I just purchased a new Samsung Frame TV from BestBuy and had their GeekSquad install and setup.

My problem is that when switching from my cable source to the Netflix app on my tv, I have to switch the source on my Denon AVR-S710W receiver remote to TV Audio.  Then when I select back to the Cable source, I have to select CBL-SAT on my Denon remote.  Sometimes when switching from one source to another, I have to go into the TV's settings and change the sound source back to the receiver.  I don't want to have to keep making these changes.  It frustrates my wife and myself.  

My connections are:

I'm using the supplied One Connect cable from eARC on TV to the One Connect boxes connection.  I'm using HDMI from my Denon AVR-S710W receivers ARC port directly to HDMI 3 port on the One Connect box.  This is how the GeekSquad connected them.

TV's settings:

All Settings - Sound - Sound Output is set to AVR-S710W

All Settings - Sound - Expert Settings - HDMI-eARC Mode is set to Auto

All Settings - Sound - Expert Settings - Digital Output Audio For... is set to Auto

All Settings - Sound - Expert Settings - Dolby Atmos is Selected

All Settings - Sound - Expert Settings - Simultaneous Optical Output is NOT Sel

NOTE: NO Optical connected

Question - Is there a way to have sound in both sources without continually having to change the Sound Output.










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