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QN65Q60TAFXZA Suddenly Has Audio Sync Issues

(Topic created: 10-10-2023 07:52 AM)
QLED and The Frame

So the above referenced TV suddenly started having audio sync problems. 

This TV has no soundbar-this issue is with the onboard sound.

Here's what I have tried:

Factory Reset

Sound Reset

Adjusting the sound delay in expert settings

Unplugging for 60 seconds

Checking for updates (none found)

Any ideas? So weird that this is happening with the onboard sound. All sources are affected.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
QLED and The Frame

Hello! Thank you so much for posting about this. I certainly understand your concerns about the TV having audio issues. I'll be more than delighted to assist with this. Some TVs have an HDMI cable test. Some models only have this test after a software update.

To perform the test, make sure the TV's source is still on the HDMI setting for the cable you want to test, and then navigate to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Signal Information > HDMI Cable Test > Start Test. Also, you can try connecting to a different device. Using the same cables, connect a different device. If there is no more audio dropout, then the issue is caused by your external device that was originally connected.


If the issues still occur

I recommend letting a service technician have a look. As we would like to gather additional information and look at this from a case-by-case basis, please provide the full model code and serial number of the device as well as your best contact phone number, name, and email.  




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