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QN85QN85B hdmi and all other connections stopped working.

(Topic created: 08-07-2023 07:18 AM)
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All of a sudden the tv doesn't recognize any component connected. That includes all hdmi ports & the coax port. I haven't tried the usb's but assuming they don't work either.

Question, without going through Samsung for warranty service (because they can't find a  service center to come out to my home to fix it!), what could be the problem? Can I purchase a new hdmi/usb/coax/optical port mudule of some kind and replace it myself? Or could it be a software version problem. AS of today 08/02/23, it is running version 1503. I found on Samsung site that the latest version is : Version 1503.8. If versions 1503 and 1503.8 are two totally differnt download versions, my tv info says I have the latest version(1503) so will not allow me to download 1503.8. Only way for me to install update to 1503.8 it is by way of a USB. Unfortunately for me, the USB port doesn't work so I can't even try to see if that's the problem. PLEASE HELP! This is almost a new tv and having problems already and cn't even get it checked out due to Samsung not having an authorized service center no where in the USA!

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Community Manager
QLED and The Frame

Hello, Scottyboy. Thank you so much for reaching out with these details regarding your ports. Based on the description of the situation that is occurring, it does seem like a service-related matter. 


Have you tried reaching out to our Remote management team, to see if they could do a hard reset via the service menu? This is a step that can only be done by a service center or Remote management agent.  They can also push through any needed updates over the network as well. 


If your unit is still within the one-year warranty, I would advise against self-repair options, and reach out to support for service. If they are unable to find a repair center in the area, and you're under warranty there are alternative options that can be looked at to resolve this matter. 


Please call 1-800-726-7864 to speak with Samsung's support team directly.