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QN85QN900BFX TV - Just received and Samsung shorted me on the Oneconnect cable

(Topic created: 06-06-2022 03:03 PM)
QLED and The Frame

Just received the new 85 inch QLED Neo 8K TV and went through the setup.  The TV was intended to replace a previous model of QLED 8K Samsung TV that failed after only 2.5 years.  In the new version they provided an updated version of the Oneconnect cable but it's only 2 m long.  Previous installation had a 5 m cable and all of the previous setup was leveraging the One Connect box more than 2 m away.  After paying that much for a new TV and staying with Samsung even after a premature failure in an earlier model they go cheap on the included cabling so I now have to go out and pay for another proprietary cable that should have been included from the start.  Beware if you are considering one of the new 8K Neos and are counting on the 5m cable length that is typically included.

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