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Samsung Model QN75Q70TAFXZA Experiencing Black Flashing Screen

(Topic created: 05-01-2023 10:36 AM)
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Black flashing screen. SO this is at 75in QLED tv. Recently the screen turn black and won't fully come back on. You can tell the led lights are flashing I have the back cover off. I have tried to unplug and do a reset. And nothing, I did some research and the power Botton on the tv flashes red. I read that is an indication that the power supply board needed replaced. SO I purchased one put it back together and it's still a solid black screen with hints of blue flashing. so no picture. I'm at a loss as to what the issue is and I can't get much info from googling it. Please any help would be appreciated 

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QLED and The Frame

My kids would drive me crazy if this happened to me! Let’s get this situated for you as soon as we can. There are a few steps we can try.


Press the Home (Menu) button on the remote.
If the menu appears, then the TV is powered on, but it is either not on the correct source or not receiving a signal.
If the menu does not appear, the TV may be having power issues. See our guide for TV will not turn on.

Confirm the TV is set to the same source as the external device.
Your TV may display a black screen if it's connected to a source but the external device is turned off. For instance, if your cable box is connected to HDMI 1, you should set the TV source to HDMI 1 and make sure the cable box is turned on.

If the TV is set to the correct source, but there is still no image, unplug and reconnect the connections one cable at a time, from both ends of each cable. If there's any damage to the cable, it will need to be replaced. After you've reconnected the external device, turn it off and then back on.


Note: The HDMI cable test is designed for HDMI cords less than 6 feet long. The test may not give accurate results on longer cords.


Test the HDMI cable.
Certain TVs have an HDMI cable test. Some models only have this test after a software update, and older models do not have it. If your model does not have this test, or is not connected by HDMI, skip this test.

To perform the test, make sure the TV's source is still on the HDMI setting for the cable you want to test. Navigate to Settings, and then select Support. Select Device Care, select Self Diagnosis, and then select Signal Information. Select HDMI Cable Test, and then select Start Test.

If the test says the cable is bad, replace the cable. 


Test different external devices.
The final thing to rule out is the external device you're using. Try connecting a different device, or using a different source port. If you were unable to test the cable in the previous step, then try swapping the cable too.

If the TV can display a picture in any other setup, then you've ruled the TV out as the cause of the issue. Keep trying various setups until you identify the device or cable that is not working, and troubleshoot or replace it.


If this does not help, I would recommend that you let a service technician have a look. As we would like to gather additional information and look at this from a case-by-case basis, please provide the full model code and serial number of the device as well as your best contact phone number, name, and email.  


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