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The Frame 32 - Double TV Set-Up (Remote / Art Store Subscription)

(Topic created: 11-30-2022 11:42 AM)
QLED and The Frame



First post and driven to it by frustration. Just purchased 2 x Frame 32" for use as art installations in one room. All installed on wall as wanted but finding set-up incredibly frustrating for two reasons:


TVs cannot be independently controlled via remote. One remote is controlling both TVs, making set up and navigation impossible with both TVs on simultaneously.

Art Store subscription can only be active on one TV - is this correct? This is a ridiculous move by Samsung if so. Surely it's not inconceivable for some people to have more than one Frame TV if they like the product and the whole rationale for buying it was its ability to display art. Am I correct in saying I have no way of viewing art on both TVs with one subscription and that the 'work-around' is to set-up another account? Genuinely ridiculous if so and shocking move by Samsung. 


Thanks in anticipation for support and advice.





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