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The Frame 65" 2022 - several problems

(Topic created: 06-09-2022 03:47 AM)
QLED and The Frame

Hi everyone,


my experience with The Frame 2022 so far:

- Matte display is great. But I have MASSIVE clouding artifacts, especially when the TV is running for >1h and when it's dark. So much, that I actually am in RMA process

- Several apps are missing or have serious issues. Amazon prime video app had massive quality issues in streaming until it has been fixed last week (Yes, Samsung, it's a 3rd party, but you even put an Amazon Prime Video button on your remote, so I guess it's part of the functionality). Other apps are still being advertised for (like "Steam Connect" for every Samsung TV from 2016 onwards) but are not available. Samsung and Valve support are playing a blame game and direct at each other's support and as a customer, I feel like I am a beta tester. Not something I wanna be when I pay ~2000 Euros for a TV.

- Several settings are not being saved. E.g. intelligent calibration with SmartThings does work, but when the TV is powered off and on again, the calibrated settings are gone

- Same goes for my sound settings. I do have a Denon X1700 AVR and yes, everything is set up correctly with a HDMI-2.1.-compliant high speed cable, no, there is no power saving enabled, yes, my firmware is the latest on TV and AVR - every time I switch the TV on, the sound output is being reset to TV speakers.

Samsung, get your stuff done....

If anyone has a solution for any of these issues - I'll appreciate it.

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