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Xbox series X hdcp handshake bug allows 5.1 uncompressed pass

(Topic created: 08-13-2022 11:27 PM)
QLED and The Frame
Fair warning...long post from a newbie who has just done a LOT of reading. Also, yeah, im aware i could fix this by dropping another 3-5 grand on different equipment. I aint doin that. Lol

HDCP licensing breakdown/incompatability causes audio type detection failure.

Xbox Series X to Samsung QN85B to Samsung HW-Q65T (not putting bar between TV and X due to loss of 120hz capability) all hdmi cables certified 48gbps.

Normally, despite hw-q65t being 5.1 uncompressed capable, all I get as options on the xbox are dolby compressed 5.1, which cuts in and out terribly, stereo uncompressed and Atmos with unusable audio delay.

If I switch my series x to power saving mode, hdcp processing is disabled on reboot and stays that way until you open a streaming app anywhere in the chain. From there I check my audio settings and I get access to 5.1 uncompressed and 7.1 uncompressed if I have Q symphony turned on. Furthermore, my delay on Atmos goes away almost entirely (q65t is not Atmos capable on box, but I suspect the tv takes over processing from the sound bar instead of the soundbar downmixing to stereo when Q-Symphony is on because it actually works pretty nicely) HOWEVER, as soon as any streaming service is opened, the HDCP handshake breaks.

Now, it's quite possible I have a weird soundbar. Bought it open box and it currently has Samsung SWA-9100 rear channels connected and working fine, rather than the SWA-8500S speakers that it came with.

Anyway, figured I'd post it here first since I won't be back home for a couple days to use report an issue with it.

Here's link from Samsung's site confirming that 5.1 uncompressed won't pass specifically due to hdcp and despite the addition of the simultaneous optical output setting on the QN85B, the Xbox doesn't recognize it, I guess because it can only pull the soundbar info from EARC and the TV is gating it. So, at the moment, the only way for me to get the full capability out of the hardware I have is to constantly reset everything.


And here's a link I found listing microsoft's HDCP Playready policies and licenses showing the ultimate reason that I think it's screwing up (found while typing post and reading.) 


If I read that right, Samsungs 2018+ and xbox et al both have a timelimit on their HDCP license server keys and, even though they're playready licensed, that doesn't mean that they'll pull server and then line up in sequencing correctly because maybe Samsung has different version playready licensing and seem more invested in WildVine. 

Sorry for the rant, just trying to figure this out so my set up works the was it's supposed to. I know it works....I've gotten it to work! Lol. 

I'm going to try it next week with instant on off for both TV and xbox to see if it is just an expired DRM license issue and I'm an, but if that doesn't work I know that there's an option to turn on Robust File System in Samsung Service Menu and since that's what Play Ready DRM uses, I might just go turn it on and see if it's just a trick to shorten product cycles.

In the meantime, if you get it this far, feel feel to give input!


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