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1403.1 update - Broke Bluetooth support

My QN55LS03TAFXZA 55" Frame TV auto updated today to 1403.1


We tried to connect to our bluetooth receiver to play music through our stereo - which we have used fine for the past 3 months. 

The TV tried to connect and then weirdly switched to  Picture Frame mode.  

Went back to TV/App mode, tried again, same results. 


Tried Service/Update, "no updates available" 

Then a few minutes later the TV posted a messaging stating it updated to 1403.1 


Tried Device Maintenance.

Tried to reconnect to Bluetooth - same result, kicked over to Frame mode. 


Tried to delete the Bluetooth device. Seemed to work. 


But then when scanning for the same device it came up as "Paired"  - which it shouldn't do after I deleted from the device list. 


Now it won't connect to the bluetooth device - fails everytime regardless if the device is in normal mode or pairing mode.  


I can use Optical out to my stereo (but then the TV remote volume control doesn't work so I don't like to use this).  So I hooked up a cable and the TV says their is no device at the other end.  I tested the connection with a different device (XBox) and it worked just fine.  


This TV has the worst firmware of any I've ever owned (and my 4th Samsung TV).  It had been relatively stable recently and only the Hulu app was problematic, but the occassional device care process of clearing cache and background apps would fix that.   I had almost returned it, but I like the remote connection box and the picture quality and I'm used to Samsung's user interface.  I wish I had tried something else.