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2020 Frame: Bugs in Art Mode and SmartThings

My model number is QN65LS03TAFXZA, but I wouldn't expect that the following issues are limited to a specific screen size. 
Also, I have recently reset the Smart Hub and the issues noted below have occurred both before and after the reset.  My TV is at firmware version 1113.0 and the SmartThings app was recently updated to version 1.6.47-394 for iOS.  iOS version is 13.4.1.  Again the issues noted below occurred in previous versions as well as the current versions of the TV, SmartThings and iOS software.
Hoping someone from the product development team sees this.
1. The SmartThings app connects to the TV and allows me to change inputs and use Ambient Mode, but the Art Store settings and access to My Collection is disabled.  This happens roughly 50% of the time I start the app.  No discernible pattern.
2. Once a day, the Art Mode brightness setting will revert to the default setting (level 6 of the 11 available levels - 1 is lowest, 11 is highest) even though the room isn't that bright.  When this happens, the brightness slider in both the SmartThings app and the Art Mode brightness setting on the TV itself can adjust from level 6 to level 11, but there is no dimming if the slider is set to levels 1 through 5.  The issue resolves after a period of 5-30 minutes.
3. Sometimes art in the Art store will have incorrect information in title, artist and description.  This will also resolve on its own over a period of days or weeks.
4. The usable brightness levels for Art Mode are at the lower end of the scale between levels 1 and 4.  There should be more levels in that area to better fine-tune the brightness.  My TV is in a relatively bright room, and I can't imagine a scenario where the setting would need to be above the midpoint at 6.
5. Add functionality in SmartThings to allow the music streaming services on the TV to play while in Art Mode.  I understand this was possible in the Smart View app, but I cannot find the function in the SmartThings app.
Cosmic Ray

Re: 2020 Frame: Bugs in Art Mode and SmartThings

Oooh i got more for this thread. I also experienced all of the above bugs..

..But also have these bugs

- Art Mode slideshow speed gets reset overnight to 6hrs

- When loading images from USB all of their titles are 1/1/1970 

- Sometimes when switching from one slide show to the other the new slide show won't start

- Ambient mode sometimes won't start at all and requires that tv is powered off with the cord.


Would also recommend adding

- Ability to shuffle art instead of being sequential in the slide show (I always end up seeing the same photos)

- Ability to put art into folders and not just have favorites.

- Ability to skip to the next art when in slide show mode by pressing the right button on the remote 

- Ability to select multiple artworks apply mattes and customizations to them or delete them even if it is in the mobile app. If you just uploaded 100 artworks you have to go one by one to change them

- Ability to have some sort of default setting for new artworks. Why does all art have a shadow by default even if it can be displayed full screen?



Re: 2020 Frame: Bugs in Art Mode and SmartThings

I second everything said above, and particularly the #4 suggestion for improvement. 


To add one further Art Mode bug, it appears that there is no way to have Anynet+ automatically disable once Art Mode is activated. As a result, if you have a soundbar or sound system connected via HDMI-ARC and intend to play music through it (such as Spotify through  bluetooth or wifi to the soundbar), Anynet+ will change the input on the external sound system from your chosen input back to HDMI-ARC. Given Art Mode doesn't create any audio, there's no need to have the external sound system automatically set to HDMI, however Anynet+ will force any input selected to HDMI within about 5 seconds. 


Having contacted Samsung, I've been told this is presently not possible. My only solution appears to be (a) turn off Anynet+ each time before enabling Art Mode; or (b) connect the tv and external speaker/ soundbar with another (lossy) connection, such as optical. 


Grateful if anyone has encountered a solution, or if a firmware release is in the pipeline to fix the bugs in this thread.