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2020 Frame TV 55" Home button got blank screen and clicking one connect box

I was on the motion sensor not working thread.  I have to start a new one because a more severe problem happened.  I was OK with the flaky motion sensor and therefore mounted the TV.  It was working fine for one day.  Then, it will not wake up.  I thought that was the motion sensor.  Press Home button, nothing happened.  I unplug the invisible cable, power cable, plugged in LAN cable.  Cannot get it to recover.  It's not dead: Art mode works, Samsung TV works, Netflix works, Amazon video works.  Other observations: TV may show muted speaker logo flashes a few times, volume button works, one connect box will click a few times after i press Home button, Alexa sometime works, hdmi doesn't work, live TV does not work, remote sometime flashes the red light.  I tried to tell Alexa to reset the TV but she cannot do it.  Is there a reset button on this TV?  I have 2 other samsung TVs (Q8 and Q6) and Samsung Note10+.  No problem at all.  This Frame TV is trouble so far.  It's not made in Korea and not made in China.  I still have a week or so before my return window close.  I am not sure if I want the trouble of getting Samsung tech support involved - that won't be fun.  


Re: 2020 Frame TV 55" Home button got blank screen and clicking one connect box

Ok.  I little more digging in this community turned up this long (13 pages as of this writing) thread:


Refer to that long thread above when you call Samsung.  Otherwise, they will try to send you a new remote - don't take the remote.  That's not the problem.  I tried SmartThings app.  Same bad result.  This thread said there is a solution "Samsung tech remote reset your TV".  Not acceptable to most people and it's not a fix.  You never know when your TV is going to fail again.  You have to call Samsung again.  Some said they need to power cycle TV very often and losing setting etc.  I am returning my TV.  Don't want to deal with a defective product.  Enough time spent on this.