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2021 43" Frame Mounting (QN43LS03ADFXZA)

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Qled and Frame

I know some others have posted similar findings.  I want to re-affirm their posts.  

First, I have plenty of experience mounting TV's and with Smarthome gear/installations.  I am an I/T professional and plenty of years installation and structured wiring experience.  Plenty of Samsung gear over the years.  I have waited the better part of 2 years to finally throw the $$$ to purchase the Frame.  I settled on the 43" for my wall.  As ,most of you know, this is a $1K investment.  And what is the point if it is not flush mounted.  Just buy a TV if you are going to use a Vesa mount and have a gap....

So, below is my back and forth with Samsung.  Unbelievable....Watch their install videos and all the documentation.  Apparently the 43" is the one that includes only two brackets that can ONLY be used in concrete.  This wins the award for the most ridiculous mounting system EVER included with a high-end photo frame / TV.   See below for the "Great" support I was provided today from Srikar ***** at Samsung Customer Care....

I hope this helps others.  I tried to edit out the non-important clutter.  If you follow the text you can understand who is who in the conversation.  Here is the chat.

Hello! Thanks for contacting Samsung support. To get started, select the option below that best describes what you need help with today.  I will be connecting you to a Samsung Care Pro who can help.  The wait time is 16 Minutes and there are 0 customers ahead of you.   Thank you. You are connected with Srikar ***** from Samsung Care

Hello, I have a question about the Samsung 43" 2021 Frame mount.

Others have asked the same thing.  I am amazed and disappointed in the design of this mount for such an expensive appliance....

I recently purchased the 2021 Frame 43" QN43LS03ADFXZA. The provided mounting instructions are very ambiguous. If I am reading correctly they tell you to drill a 1/8" hole, but the included anchors are much larger. Additionally it is not clear if the included hardware is for concrete only install or also drywall. Can I use the included hardware to install the TV in drywall? The "instructions" also reference a document I cannot find anywhere. It just says "Refer to "Standard Installation Requirements by Wall Type" and install the wall mount"

Same exact complaint as this person in the community, please advise.  This mount does not match any of the documentation for all other sizes.  And impossible to mount to a stud.  I am not new to mounting TV's and I have never seen anything like this.

May I've a  few minutes to check the details to assist you?

Thanks for waiting.

The wall-mount provided can be used with concrete wall only, it's best to check with a professional installer to install the wall-mount to a Dry wall. We do not have any information about installing the wall-mount to a Drywall.


This is a $1000 TV! Where in the documentation does it say that the flush mount can only be used with a concrete wall ?????   NONE OF YOUR OTHER SIZES REQUIRE THIS .   Just the 43" ?  I am a professional installer.To have this TV be flush on drywall, there is no VESA type mount that gets it done.  Period.   No other size like this and the documentation on the website is very obscure about this.   Send me any link that shows this.  Any documentation.

I apologize for the misunderstanding, the wall-mount can be used with a concrete wall directly however to mount it on a Drywall, it's best to check with a local installer as they've the information to mount the TV to a Drywall. I'll file a ticket to next level team with the information, and they'll get back to you with information for wall-mounting to Drywall within 1-2 business days via Email. Go look a the Samsung "How To" video for the Frame TV's (2021) on your own website.  That kit does not look like anything on this TV.

The wall-mount kit will be different for individual TVs. The wall-mount provided with the TV can be used for wall-mounting. The parts required for wall-mounting to Drywall will be available in the partner parts store at:

J & J International, Inc.  Live Help : 800.627.4368   ( Mon - Fri 9:00 AM ~ 6:30 PM EST )    You'll be informed of accurate parts number and price on call as they are subject to change.

What?   So to flush mount this TV, you must purchase another mounting kit from this company?  Not a mounting kit, the parts store will have F and G part accessories will can be used to wall-mount the TV to Dry-wall.

Please direct me to what F & G is?  Need a diagram or link  And, just went to J&J international's website and there is no part listed for the QN43LS03AAFXZA for flush mounting.

They are name of the accessories to wall-mount the TV to dry wall and they'll be available with the parts store on calling them with above shared phone number.

I can certainly understand where you are coming from Paul, while I apologize for this Inconvenience, the parts for wall-mounting to Drywall needs to be purchased separately. If they was a different option available, I'd have led you with it.

The F and G parts not available in Samsung website, please call the parts store on Monday and they'll share the exact part numbers and help you with ordering them.

Thanks for understanding Paul, I'd feel the same way If I was in your place. Parts store will help you with the part information in detail. 


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Qled and Frame

Wow -- ridiculous! I had no idea mounting a TV could be so complicated!
I hope our QN43Q60AAFXZA TV can be mounted to our TV stand -- after reading your post I'm not sure!

I've spent all afternoon trying to find out what hardware to use, and I still don't know the thread pitch of the screws/bolts 😕

Getting a really negative impression of Samsung!!!