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2021 Frame TV - Crashes, Menu freezes and general frustrations.

(Topic created: 07-27-2021 01:53 AM)
Qled and Frame

Does the latest firmware for the 2021 FrameTV have any known issues? We're experiencing a lot of 'teething' issues with firmware on the new TV.

The menu often crashes, requiring a restart, on power on we sometimes set sent straight to the settings popup (the game mode one) and getting out of it requires an additional restart (hitting back on the remote doesn't always work).

We also have an issue with HDMI port 4, where the sound or image cuts out (or both) periodically. Its possible this is the cable, although it worked fine with the old TV, i will try and find a spare to check that, but are there any known issues with connecting a Nintendo Switch to the TV?

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