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$3200 - QLED 75" TV Rebooting

I have owned this $3200 QLED TV less than 3 years, about 2 years ago it began rebooting and it has only gotten worse.  It is now unwatchable, rebooting every 5 minutes.  It doesn't reboot when streaming content it is the one connect box.  After researching it for a bit, this is a known issue and of course the 1 year warranty has expired.  The first diagnosis was the optical cable which I purchased for $200+.  Only to have the problem get worse.  I have spoken to a repair shop and they are saying $500+ for a new connectOne box.  


This is a known issue and yet Samsung won't stand by their product, past their useless 1 year warrantee.  I was sold a defective product, I paid $3200 for a TV that lasted a little more than a year.  Now Samsung wants more than $500 to repair it.    The lesson I learned is never buy a Samsung TV again.  I actively warn friends and family against buying your products given the pathetic reliability and service I received from your company.


I hope others learn from my experience, don't buy Samsung TVs.






Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: $3200 - QLED 75" TV Rebooting

I would be happy to look into this further.  Could you send me a private message with the model and serial number of the televison?

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