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55" QLED 4K Q60R (2019) @ firmware 1335 + Soundbar HW-Q80R = broken volume control

Hi there all,


Devices & setup:

Samsung TV 55" QLED 4K Q60R (2019), firmware 1335

Samsung Soundbar HW-Q80R, firmware 1007.9

Both are connected trough the HDMI ARC cable. To control the volume i always only use the TV remote. The soundbar is the device that plays the sound.


My Problem:

I noticed, that thew volume is jumping around, when i change the volume. For example I raise the volume from 7 to 14, but when i go backwards, the volume goes 14, 13, 12, 13, 12, 11, 10...

It's not always. Or it happens, that the volume is at 7 and when I want to make it to 8, it jumps to 14 instead. Also muting the setup with the TV control and re-enabling it again, also shows strange behaviour. For example, when i raise the volume again, the soundbar shows a "-" sign instead a "+" in the screen.

It also happened with the previous TV-firmware. But when I bought the setup four months ago, it worked perfect. And it seems it only happen when the soundbar is active.


Help is really appreciated and thanks in advance.