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75” Q9FN, 2 Weeks Old Will Not Trun On

Model #: QN75Q9FNAFXZA

Support Ref #: 5123143


It appears my 75” Q9FN is experincing the faulty one connect box \ one connect cable issue after two weeks of use.  TV started the on\off cycling and now will not turn on. Tried all the troubleshooting steps to no avail.  


Contacted tech support and they were not able to help resolve the issue to my satisfaction.  They offered to send a technician out, but would not compensate me for my time or just send me a new TV.  If I have to take off of work for their issue, I should be compensated for lost wages or provide an appointment with a technician for an exact time instead of a 4 to 6 hour window.


Went ahead and had best buy replace the TV,. I am concerened the same issue happening with the replacement TV since this seems to be a wide spread issue, which the tech support said this was not a known common issue with these TVs. I  mentioned the 30 page thread on this forum.


For the people who have had this issue fixed by replacing the box and\or cable... has the power cycling issue returned?  


Really considering taking the replacemnet TV back for a refund.


First Samsung product, most likely the last.