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75" Frame on the way - some newbie questions

Hi all,

I am installing the 75" Frame next week.  I have been watching lots of YT videos.  Some initial questions/comments.


I have registered for an account with Samsung and I know how to get my three free months of artwork.  I was also hoping to use some of my own pictures and was hoping to upload from my iPhone.  I don't see a Samsung SmartThings app on the Apple Store?  Is there not one?  If not, is there a way to upload my pictures to the TV or even a Samsung app or cloud to add to artwork or is USB my only route?


I believe the remote is Bluetooth.  I am a big home assist guy and use Alexa and lots of devies.  With my current set-up I use a smart IR blaster that works with Alexa to control my TV, Soundbar and Cable box.  I have routines such as "Alexa, watch Apple TV" and it changes inputs.  Obviously "Turn off or on TV" turns all on or off.  I understand this TV works with Alexa, but guessing it won't control a soundbar.  If it is Bluetooth, I am out of luck with the IR blaster.  Any comments or experiences here?  How much functionality can be performed with Alexa and the TV?  Can it be told to change inputs and do difrectly to one?


Are toggle bolts or anchor bolts included in the package?


The One Connect wire is not rated for in wall.  Only 3-4 inches will show, but I was thinking why not put it in the wall.  Anyone put the non-rated wire in wall?  Any issues?


I am sure I will have more questions, thanks in advance.