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75" QN90A Causing Eye Strain/Headache

(Topic created: 08-13-2021 06:28 AM)
Qled and Frame
I'm upgrading from a 55" Vizio P55-F1. I was sitting about 6.5 ft from that at my old house. My viewing distance in my new house is about 10.5 ft. After watching the TV for about 10-15 minutes I start to get pressure in my temples and my eyes feel like they are jumping around the screen. I have turned the brightness and contrast down from the default max of 50 to about 25 or so each. I have also bumped local dimming from high to standard and disabled all other motion settings. I've done some research on here and people that had just bought the TVs were complaining about the same thing but no one ever came back to their threads and said whether they did stop getting the eye strain or if they just returned the TV. I've got another month or so before the deadline to return.
Here is a photo of my primary viewing spot. We have no curtains or blinds right now hence the mega glare. Blackout curtains will be installed soon.
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