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ARC does not stay connected from QN65Q65FNF to Pioneer VSK-834

I have been using to optical for the audio connection to my old receiver. I got the VSK-834 because it will pass through 4k for the TV and has ARC. I could not get the ARC to connect at all, so I replaced my HDMI cable. Still nothing. Using the Quick Settings only shows 2 options for audio - TV Speakers & Optical. After going through MANY troubleshooting steps on a chat, I stumbled upon a way to make it work. I unplug the tv for 60 seconds. Before plugging it back in, I make sure the receiver is turned on. I plug the TV in, go to Quick Settings and now there are 3 options - HDMI is between the other 2. I select HDMI and it works. However, sometime during the next 24 to 48 hours, ARC/HDMI disconnects & audio is back through the TV speakers. I have reconnected the optical cable & it stays connected without disconnecting. So - to clearly state the problem - ARC does not stay connected for more than 48 hours.