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Ambient Mode Auto On

I have a 75" 2018 Q8FN and a 65"  2018 Frame.  Both are great TVs in their own way.   I think Samsung has is really on to something with Ambient Mode on the QLED TV (without going "all in" on offering the full capabilities of the Frame).  I appreciate how they continue to add to it with each firmware upgrade.  However I think for Ambient Mode to reach its true potential, you have to have some kind of "auto on" - similar to the Frame.  Otherwise you still have a black square on your wall each time unless someone makes the effort to turn on Ambient Mode when they walk into the room.


The Frame does this with motion detection - which the QLEDs do not have.  My suggestion for enabling "auto on" is giving the option to leave the QLED TV's bluetooth network on in a powered off state.  The home owner can connect their bluetooth enabled mobile device to the TV.  If the TV is in an off state and bluetooth enabled mobile device connects, it will turn  the TV on to Ambient Mode.


What do you think?

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Re: Ambient Mode Auto On

Hi there, could you give your review of ambient mode vs the frame. Not hardware just software please. My reasons for wanting both and maybe you can touch on some of these points...


1)Do either the Frame TV or ambient mode have any video options? or only photos.

2)Does ambient mode have any realistic matting options like the frame?

3)Do either have randomzied slideshows yet?


And in general your thought son the two for just the ambient mode vs the frame tv mode!