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Auto-Detect feature (Q7 2018)

Hi all!


I have a question regarding the Auto-Detect feature on the Samsung QLED 55" Q7 (2018 model)


So whenever i plug a new device in a hdmi port the tv pop up screen comes on and says detecting new devices... This works wonderfully on the PS4 Pro, Chromecast, Soundbar etc etc (all were released before the tv came out). I pre ordered the ps5 disc edition and im curious whether the tv will detect the PS5 knowing that the PS5 obviously came out (coming) after the tv got released. will it still detect the console as a PS5? or will it say unknown device? I'm asking this because everytime i try to set up the MI BOX 4 it says that it's an unknown device and i have to set it up manually.


I'm worrying because i think the tv needs to detect the ps5 as a console in order to activate auto game mode etc etc. Any help please?