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Blu-Ray Player will play sound but not display video - Shows No Source in HDMI #

(Topic created on: 3/1/21 1:19 PM)
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I have purchased a new Samsung QN55Q70TAFXZA QLED TV with 4 HDMI ports built in - HDMI 3 is a ARC port). I am trying to connect my Sony Blu-Ray DVD player into the tv  using the DVD's HDMI out put jack, going into the HDMI 3 ARC port of my home theater receiver which then has a HDMI output port to plug into my HDMI 3 ARC port on my Samsung TV. 

The result - I have sound coming from my Blu-ray player but no video. Instead, the Samsung screen display states No source. 

I have tried new cables, other input to the receiver ports and many other approaches. 

This has become very frustrating and am beginning to think there is something wrong with the TV. 

If you have any suggestions to try, please let me know. They would be greatly appreciated.


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