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Buyer Beware - 2020 QLEDs do not have working eARC features, as advertised

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Samsung, your answer to my previous post was to move/bury it under the Home Theater section???  This is 100% a defect with all of your 2020 QLEDs that clearly advertised this functionality.  As you know, that thread had NUMEROUS owners confirm this product defect with this TV!

How about providing an actual answer to this service request rather than trying to hide it elsewhere?  Will it take a class action lawsuit to get this resolved?

Here is my original post...


Be warned, the 2020 QLED TVs do not support uncompressed LPCM audio as advertised via eARC.


There are numerous threads complaining about this issue and Samsung has yet to respond.


This is a huge problem if you are planning to use a PS5 or Xbox Series X.  You cannot pass high quality audio back to your AVR or Soundbar (via eARC port 3)while going directly into the TV (port 4 HDMI 2.1) to use 4k 120hz.  All you will get is PCM 2.0 (stereo) or compressed DD using bitstream.


LG and Sony sets do not have this problem.  Samsung remains quiet.


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This is a lost cause. Samsung is not recognising that they have a huge problem and that they lie.