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Can't cast google photos to Q70R

I have new Q70R 65".

I connected to google home,through the smartthings app.

Home can't find the TV otherwise.


I can cast YouTube to the Q70R or to my chromecast on another TV.

I can cast google photos only to the chromecast, but not the Q70R.


This doesn't seem right.

How can I cast photos form my android phone to the TV?





Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Can't cast google photos to Q70R

Have you tried to download Smart Home? That might help.

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Re: Can't cast google photos to Q70R

I have exactly the same issue. Q75R 55".


The TV only appears in the 'Cast' menu options on my phone (Galaxy S9) when I use the YouTube app.  I notice that it appears with "[TV] .." prefixed to the TV's cast name.


All other apps that support 'cast' don't list the TV as a cast option.


I'm guessing that Samsung haven't implemented a full Chromecast functionality in these TVs (despite what the advertising leads you to believe). It appears to be a locked-down cast solution that only works in conjunction with  'SmartThings'.


For me this renders the built-in 'cast' useless. I can't cast from Photos. I can't cast from VLC. I can't cast from any of my phone's TV catch-up apps (e.g. ABC iView here in Australia). 


I was hoping with this new TV I could ditch the old Chromecast dongle, but I have it plugged back in now, and it's working as it should.