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Can't locate or download the Rumble App on my TV

Why can't I find or download the Rumble App on my TV when I search for it in Apps? I have tried everything that was suggested in the community forum for others with missing apps. I have also unplugged and then plugged the TV back in, which seemed to work for a lot of people-but alas, not me . I have youtube,  netflix, amazon prime and all the other basic apps, but Rumble does not seemed to be recognized by Samsung at all on my TV. I ran all diagnostics and am being told that everything is working fine with SmartHub. I also did a reset but nothing worked. I know it's a TV issue and not a problem with my wifi, as I was able to download it with no problem on my tablet. 

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Can't locate or download the Rumble App on my TV

If the App you are looking for isn't pulling up in the app store, the app developers have not made it compatible with your model TV. I suggest reaching out to them for further assistance. 

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